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Tarot & Astrology Readings


You Made it to the readings page! Before you get into picking out the right reading for you, lets talk about what to expect



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Readings: While intuitively lead, I am not a channeler, I will not be communicating with relatives on the other side or foreign entities. I will be connecting with YOU! These readings - both Tarot & Astrology, are meant to give guidance and perspective into the cyclical nature of life. From my own experience, I've found it quite helpful to work with these tools, in order to zoom out of my immediate circumstances and catch a glimpse of the larger themes, loops, cycles, patterns that are at play. Whether things are good, bad or ugly, there is always something to be gained from a dip into the diving pool! Check out the options below to see which is right for you!

Astrology & Tarot Booking Form

The sooner I get this info, the sooner I can begin working with you!

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