Capricorn Season Horoscopes

Welcome to Capricorn season, home of big boss energy! After three long years of the big Big boss Saturn, overseeing e v e r y t h i n g that went down in the house of Capricorn, Saturn has moved onto Aquarius and the pressure is lifted. All those hard lessons, the 1 step forward- 2 steps back, the restrictions, the delays, they've only made us stronger. Now, as the sun finally shines on Capricorn, not only do we have the skills, but we really feel that we've earned our title and stature. From this empowered state, the focus becomes securing and assuming our position. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, its function is to create and establish the material means to sustain us, and secure our future. "Hard work pays off" is the Capricorn way, and we would all do well to follow this method this season. Clear, decisive, and no time for BS- lean into all that you have learned, Aquarius season favors those who do work in Capricorn season. Check the horoscopes below for a closer look at the work Capricorn season has in store for you. Start with your rising sign, and look to your sun sign for added depth.

Capricorn- A refined sense of personal authority washes over you (even if it takes all season to feel it). Alleviation of the pressures and responsibilities that have plagues you the last 3 years makes it all feel a lot less grueling, time to thrive. Things come together to create a life you love and the purpose you crave, you deserve it!

Aquarius- This month, do the behind the scenes work, and cleanse your subconscious. This is the set up for your season... deal with whatever comes to your attention efficiently, and with a boss mentality, this isn't the month to get stuck overthinking. Impartial, unbiased, and unemotional is our inspiration. Big discipline and determination now = the set up for big opportunities later. Dreams do come true.

Pisces- How do you serve your self, and how do you serve the collective? Time to tighten up ship, have you been giving so much that it compromises your own ends? Have you been lost in your day dreams to the point of stagnation? Time to put those feelings aside, yours AND theirs, and get to work. Do what's in your best interest this month so you actually have something to give by the time your season rolls around.

Aries- 1 step forward, 2 steps back…I know its been a struggle. But its go time for real now. Take stock of what worked and what didn’t. Using that newly developed or deepened patience of yours, implement wiser action and strategy as you move forward. What has Saturn been teaching you? Slow and steady wins the race.

Taurus- Learning, planning, growing…its an extension of Sagittarius season, but in the physical realm. Take the classes, do the research, make the plans, dream, vision board, rest, repeat. Use the motivation and focus to fill any holes in what you know about what you want to do. Aquarius season is go time.

Gemini- Time to firm up how you work with others. Nobody likes a fickle friend, and I mean that both ways. The pressure if off, the petty arguments are over, move forward with discernment and show people you mean what you say. Likewise, hold them accountable. Action > words.

Cancer- It is time to rebuild your relationship with relationships. Saturn's transit in your 7th house hasn't been easy, but it has solidified what you want and what you don’t. The relationships that are still standing are here to last. Be bold, be brave, and settle for nothing less than you want, need and deserve. period.

Leo - Sagittarius season burned hard, fast and bright. Time to find your center of gravity…and some discipline. Ground your self with daily practice, show your self some love by doing what is best for you and not just what feels good. Take charge of your daily habits and routines, small acts, little choices…a little tending and next month you’ll be in full glow.

Virgo - Last month may have got a bit hairy, not your vibe. This month however, you find your stride. Fresh new ideas are flooding in, and the energy, grounded and practical, is what you love. Do what feels good, next month there is more work, this month organize…or whatever it is you do to have fun :)

Libra- Quiet time. Time to reconnect with family, the closest friends and nest. Your home has been under construction for the past 3 years, but the work is done now. Get cozy and enjoy the space you’ve worked so hard to create. Rest & personal structure is the name of the game for you during Capricorn season. Aquarius season boasts a boon and you want to show up in full form, ready to receive. Rest, relax, pamper, get ready.

Scorpio- Network baby! so social, but it's all business. Virtually or in person, you may be called here, there and everywhere during Capricorn season. Lean into your intuition and innate sense of discernment to structure your time. Each opportunity offers you something, the task is to find the delicate balance between following the map, and observing the signs on the way there.

Sagittarius- Time to reel it in and get financial. Harness the creative buzz from your season, and channel that energy into business plans that work FOR you. Asses your worth, have you been undercharging? It is important to factor in the energy you put into things, not just the time spent. With a mix of objective review and implementing the lessons learned over the past couple years, you can revolutionize your sense of value, and ultimately your relationship with abundance.

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