Eclipse Musings, Pt 1

The Invitation

This moment between the eclipses (11/30-12/14) is all about disrupting the norm in order to see what stays, what goes, and what has been lurking beneath the surface. Sagittarius energy teaches us about extracting the big Truths from life’s many lessons, about optimism and faith in the face of darkness, and pushes us beyond the borders of what we think we know. Instead of searching for insights, understandings and truths, create the space for them to find you, through inspired action (creating, ritual, adventure).

From the mindfuck-Ing Gemini lunar eclipse straight into the pummeling waves of emotion conducted by the cancer moon, we arrive a the leo moon. Soggy and defensive. Through Sunday, use this grand fire trine energy -between Mercury, Chiron, mars and the moon, to warm up and dry out; mind, body and spirit. Make time for creative and spiritual practices as well as exploring new activities, experiences and spaces over the next few days.

Contrary to the usual leo moon vibe, This time around we may not feel ready to step into the spotlight. Rushing the process will have us (re)acting from a place of insecurity, and ego rather than integrity and healthy self-confidence. During this time, our center of gravity is rocked, contributing to the under currents of uncertainty, restlessness and volatility pulsing just beneath the surface. Friday evening the moon squares Uranus, scorching plans, and threatening all that is secure (for better or worse). Saturday’s square between the moon and Venus causes more friction, as impurities, vulnerabilities and insecurities are put on display, demanding to be addressed from the inside out. Saturday also brings a trine between the moon and mars, flaring tempers if we aren’t careful. Play to have fun, not to get burned.

By Sunday, the moon slips into virgo, bringing us to the 3rd quarter square. Look out for being overly critical, we may be realizing a lot of ways we can improve our operations and ideals.

We’re in the final stretch, it’s grueling, exhausting and slowly coming together. Hold out friends, we’re almost there. The week of the solar eclipse brings with it many changes, some forced and some long over due, all working to land us perfectly in new positions of power and purpose.

image from: "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" by Mercer Mayer

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