Eclipse Musings, Pt 2

Moon in Scorpio: exposure.

Today provides us with an opportunity to heal beneath the surface, another step in the direction of becoming who we ARE, removing resistances laid by environments, society, experiences, conditioning, familial and ancestral traumas and survival mechanisms. This energy asks us to step meet it, without ego, shoulders back, chin high, lungs filled, head clear. It will be tempting to believe you are not strong enough, but that is the dregs of Neptunian illusion, and your un-acknowledged bits talking.

As this space between eclipses draws to a close, and we inch our way towards Monday’s solar eclipse, perhaps the process is becoming clearer? With the Lunar eclipse (11/30), our joy and hope seemed to be almost sucked out at once, putting the voices in our head on a loud speaker. Left alone with an internal world of limitations, insecurities, darkness…how to proceed? Some wisdoms seem to be only learned through experience, and so we were - cast into the depths of fire and shadow. Tools, friends, skills, routines, they were there for us if we chose, as we emerged-a bit raw, struggling to find a sense of familiarity amidst all the disruption.

The Sun, in Sagittarius, yearns to create higher purpose and meaning from our experiences, relationships and feelings throughout the year. On Thursday, the sun conjoined the south node -which represents a point of purge, and through the solar eclipse, these two will be working with us to turn these pits into awareness and insight. While these may be tangible, like relationships, jobs or commitments, they may also land more abstractly, exposing out-grown beliefs, informed by years of other’s projected insecurities, perceived failures and norms, internally dictating how much we are worth or are able to accomplish.

Today is all about the feelings: observing what comes up, and honoring it’s whole story. When I was looking for images for today’s daily droplet, I came across this artist, Laurie Lipton. Poking into her bio a little bit, she came up in an era when abstract was in, and figurative work was out. She chose to follow her passions anyways, her work examining our relationship with death, and the parts of reality we often shy away from. She felt a certain connection with Dia de los Muertos, as a day to celebrate this part of life that we in western cultures, often dismiss and detach from. Her work, large in size, elaborate and intricate in craft, and possessing almost an obsessive quality, feels very evocative of the Scorpio archetype…and perhaps even more so, Venus’ journey through it. Finding Lipton’s work seems to be all too fitting, and recommend taking your own trip down the rabbit hole of her work.

Eclipse season gives us a chance to pause, and acknowledge the unacknowledged. Whether this eclipse has brought literal themes of death into your life, or danced solely within the bounds of metaphor, it is a time to make peace with, and honor what parts of our lives, ourselves and our reality have died over this year. Today’s moon in Scorpio, and Venus’ co-presence there, while perhaps initially feeling like a venomous bite, proves to be a potent anti-dote for a year’s worth of discomfort. Throughout the day, the moon makes her final aspects to Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, before they move into Aquarius. This is an involuntary moment of healing, deep below the surface, the kind that has the power to change and re-route our emotional responses forever. And while yes, there is merit in “doing the work” this also feels like a time to remind you that, the work is always “being done”. While journals, cards and meditation practices can all help to keep us going, or track our “progress”, the truth seems to me that: the experiences, emotions, and thoughts needed to catalyze these changes, they have a way of finding us regardless. Perhaps if we are still, slow and listening, they can whisper instead of slap us in the face, but they will never miss us.

All art work, by Laurie Lipton

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