Venus in Virgo: The Salve

Venus will be in virgo October 2nd to the 27th. Venus in Virgo is ready to get down to business, polishing and shining the pieces of our lives and relationships. She is thorough, physical, and lovingly obsessed with bringing our healing process together. During this time, she will be applying to a trine with Uranus in Taurus, as well as Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto goes direct Oct 4th, and any resistance to total transformation dissolves. Venus in Virgo creates a beautiful flow of energy, between the electric, inventive and unpredictable energy of Uranus and the deep, foundational shifting taking place in Capricorn. Although in her fall, or least comfortable position in Virgo, Venus gets the chance to aid in reconciling the different parts of our life undergoing monumental changes, and do so with love and an eye for aesthetics. She sweeps through to heal and soothe any burns left from the Sun’s jaunt last month. She makes us want to do the work, and enjoy doing it well. October happens fast, and constantly, each day bringing major new developments. On October 10th, Venus’ trine with Uranus exacts, delivering a shock of insight or opportunity, like an electrical current of love an abundance, the key is being open to receiving it, in whatever form it comes. The moon meets up with Venus on the 13th, as Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, goes retrograde in Scorpio…a period where we may be asked to actively discern what (or who) is an asset: valuable, true and worthwhile, and what is not. On the 18th, Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces, bringing our visions to reality, so dream big when it comes to love, money, and all matters of joy! Its a great time between now and then, to spend time dreaming of the (love) life you want, update your fantasies to reflect how valuable you are and how far you’ve come! There is great potential for these dreams to manifest, real fucking quick.

On the 19th, Venus makes her first trine to Jupiter, and makes her way through the stellium in Capricorn, hitting Pluto on the 21st, and Saturn on the 24th. Like a healing salve, this flow of love, optimism and abundance to areas where we have been s t r u g g l i n g, feeling plenty of stress, pressure, resistance, with a side of deep, necessary and uncomfortable transformation, for years! (January 2008: Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn, December 2017: Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, December 2019 Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn)

With Venus in virgo, we can edge towards perfectionism, and easily overwork our selves, so be mindful. The desire to get things done in a neat, organized and beautiful manner will befall us all, trying can easily bring us into the space of “doing too much”. Instead, lets channel that energy into setting ourselves up for success. I’m talking plenty of sleep, daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists, journaling, hydration, nutritious foods, exercise, routines, quiet time, social time, creative time…balance. Giving ourselves this kind of love helps aligns us with that frequency, and like attracts like, ya dig? It is time to release the people, habits and situations that are not contributing to our well being, stability, and growth; and Venus in Virgo is happy to help.

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