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I hope you've found your reading helpful!

If you have, Kindly leave a comment below!

It is Veronique’s openness, vitality, insight-full-ness, and caring about me and helping me find that which I am looking for that impacts me most strongly. I did not care much about astrology before I met Ver but she brings an aliveness and caring-about-me in her readings that drew me in and had me looking more closely. When I asked questions about how the system worked she offered quick and relatable descriptive examples. And (if you believe in such things!) the words that come out of her mouth - in the moment - seem divinely channeled as she relates the stars and planets to my own situation.

                                                                    -AM (Aquarius)

I love Veronique's work! I follow her daily collective readings and always gain so much insight in the way she reads the cards and the stars. 


I met Veronique for a personal reading of my chart, and was so blessed to have her outline the major aspects of Cancer season and how they would affect me based on my birth chart. The reading was so on point, and it was so valuable to carry that information with me for the coming weeks.

                                                                     -AG  (Sagittarius)

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