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Volume 7, November 1st-8th

Greetings beautiful beings,

This week we begin the arduous journey of digging our way out of the holes we got ourselves into. There are some areas of our life in particular, where our approach is simply not working. We have to find a different angle, and it requires out of the box thinking. These transits ask us how much are we willing to grow through in order to actualize our dreams. Slow down, if “it” is meant to be, it will - What does reaching our goals mean if we can’t handle them. Pull back enough to see the bigger picture. Take time this week to ask yourself what it is you truly want, and what you desire. Where does your motivation come from, and what are the biggest things standing in your way? A key part of manifesting is creating the space in our lives to allow those manifestations to come in. Start there.

Aries: The stagnancy you’re experiencing from the things you’re involved in is a reflection of unacknowledged static energy within. Remedy your frustrations and anxiety with movement and presence. Channel any competitiveness into yourself, focus on the improvements you know you need/want to make. One thing at a time for now.

Taurus: Before you continue, pause. It’s time to look at what you want in relation to what you have. Is it possible that some of those are the same, but you haven’t noticed on account of a few details? The more you relax into the present, the more signs you’ll see to show you the way. All parts of your life need attention, not just one.

Gemini:Mars stationed retrograde in your sign Saturday, what’s come up since then? These are things and themes you’ll be working with heavily until March. There are no immediate solutions, and lot of humbling self reflection is required. With that in mind, what’s your approach? Strategize, you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Cancer: A lot of ugly love stuff is getting in the way of you reaching a sustainable kind of happiness. One of the biggest obstacles are the things you can’t yet see about yourself. Those will become visible by the end of the month. Until then, avoid making big moves. In the lull, observe what you’re feeling. Not what makes sense, not what you’re sure of, not what you’ve decided, raw feels.

Leo: How do you face the world with confidence when your identity is melting? Own it completely. If they can’t match your openness, conserve your energy. It’s lonely at first, but eventually they’ll catch up. Time to take the stage again. Prioritize honesty and vulnerability over perfection and pleasantry.

Virgo: As you re-learn how to have fun, continue working with yourself to release excess practicality and control. The strategizing isn’t about working out the details as much as it’s about recognizing what actually feels good. Maybe it’s not about having a definitive answer. Maybe it’s about learning to recognize how you feel.

Libra: What are you searching for in your relationships that you can’t seem to find? The question isn’t how, where, when or with whom, but what does it feel like? Spend time with yourself first. Be your own source of pleasure, take time to figure out what you even enjoy these days. Any opportunity that is worthy of you will be ready when you are.

Scorpio: Learning from your mistakes requires accepting you made them in the first place. That in itself can be quite challenging. It’s hard to acknowledge our errors, but it’s harder in the long run to continuously repeat the same cycles. Perhaps it’s not all about right vs wrong. Can you let go enough to explore life’s gray areas? Try different approaches, if they don’t work try something else. Just because its not working easily doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. Do you want this or not?

Sagittarius: Sometimes taking space is needed, but after a while, that space becomes absence. Where is the line, and is it possible you’ve crossed it? How do you find your way back to the middle? The voids you feel are all the clues you need. When you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.

Capricorn: You’ve created an air tight echo chamber, by eliminating things that are different or uncomfortable. Some discomfort is necessary however, for us to grow. Your goals aren’t unattainable, but they do require a fair amount of compromise. Slow progress is still progress, let go of those self-imposed timelines.

Aquarius: All these plans are preventing you from seeing the steps needed to get there. Don’t worry about where you’re going for a little while. Attempts to fix your situations is futile for the moment, but they will fall into if you let them. While you wait, focus on yourself and your home. Don’t allow your impatience to distract you. We know the trickle-down effect doesn’t work, how about we give the ripple-out effect a try?

Pisces: The way you move through life is changing. You’re no longer going with the flow, because you’re realizing you are the flow. Set clear intentions for yourself. It will take time for everyone, including you, to get used to this way of being. Your home life in particular may receive some sideways blows as you stumble through this process. When you get stuck, retreat. The solutions you are looking for will be revealed, not calculated or forced.

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