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Volume 9: November 28th - December 4th

Welcome to Sagittarius season!

Over the last week there has been a change in direction and speed, along with an increase in the level of warmth and light we feel internally. We may notice more momentum, optimism and desire for growth. On the flip side, the playing field has become a battleground of sharp words, harsh lessons, and ego driven philosophical debates.

Sagittarius season wants answers, what’s more important: being right, or one’s own peace of mind? How nimbly can you strategize while under fire? How do you discern when to let go from when to stand your ground? What does being the “bigger person” look like in practice?

Check in with your motives.

Monday: 🌵Seeing how far we've come, seeing how far there is to go.

Tuesday: ⛈Understanding what's required of us next.

Wednesday: 🛁 Brainstorming on how to do that sustainably.

Thursday: ⚖️ Justice served (≠ getting your way).

Friday: 🎪It's a wild world, be respectful.

Saturday:🎨 Make art, not war. It's a choice.

Sunday: 🐌Understanding why slow and steady wins the race.


Sagittarius season is here to expand your horizons. Whether that looks like internal reflection or far away travels, keep reminding yourself to stay open to what the universe is showing you. All the lessons and teachers you need are hidden within your daily routines. Keep practicing presence.


This season comes in to recalibrate your value system. Imbalances are made inescapably clear, and may manifest monetarily. It’s tempting to point fingers, but it comes down to you making the necessary adjustments no matter which way you slice it. Use the light to look within.


It can be hard to recognize how fixated on something we’ve become until we take space, either by force or by choice. Sagittarius season is that space. It may be alarming to see how frail some parts of your life have become. Trust that the timing of it all is perfect. Learn from your mistakes,

AND apply the knowledge.


The way you’re approaching everything has been steadily gaining in clarity and motivation. The energy is here to stay, so work on balancing the doing with the being. Certain areas of your life continue to be constricted, allow it. Focus on what is growing. Your adaptability will be rewarded.


Approach life with playful curiosity instead of an oppressive search for absolutes. There is a part of you that has been particularly hard for you to love and another nearly impossible to break free of. Insight comes in as you focus elsewhere. Trust that things can work out without you making them.


Things begin to resolve themselves as long as you stay out of the way. Continue creating more harmony between work and home, take more time to observe before “trying to help”. Work, projects, and responsibilities are persistent and demanding. In order to maintain your progress, boundaries and priorities must be firm, not rigid.

Create a space that is just for you.


Your daily routines may feel uninspiring and nothing kills your momentum more. Sagittarius season is here to rekindle your flame.

More adventures, new flavors, new places - sample what life has to offer you. Figure out for yourself what you like and don’t.


How do you get out of the rut when the largest obstacles appear to be out of your control? It serves to remember those obstacles are a reflection of something within you. The universe wants you to learn how to pause, and redirect your energy without closing off your heart.

It is not all or nothing.


It’s your season and Mars is retrograding in gemini adding hot sauce to every word spoken. Misguided enthusiasm is taking a toll on your relationships and seeping into the rest of your life. Remember that plan you’ve been creating? Keep coming back to it when life tries to deter you. Re-work the logistics as new information becomes available.

Adaptability is it's own kind of stability.


Sagittarius season comes in to light a fire under your a$$. No matter how hot, stay grateful. Sometimes we can’t see how we stand in our own way, especially when it’s a pattern we’ve had for a while(or forever). Take the time/space needed to do the work. No need to be a mess on stage, your season is next.


Channel that big-person energy. The moment you raise your voice, you've lost the argument. Let them figure out they're wrong on their own. No need to rub it in, karma is not yours to serve. You have your own skills to work on, like your heart.

How does it feels to feel for real?


Keep pulling your energy back to you. It may feel alienating and severe, like you're hardly connecting with anyone at all. It's not forever but there are things to be learned. Home is a frustrating and volatile place. Relationships require your hands all the way off. Your career craves a makeover, but only if it's executed with intention and patience. Where are you in all this? Create your space, de-stress. You're not in control like you think you are.

Let yourself be the instrument.


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