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Volume 8, November 14-25

Welcome back,

This weeks focus is “closing the gap.”

The gap: (I will also refer to this as the glitch)

Is the distance between our triggers, and our conscious responses. (Not reactions)

The key to identifying and healing the triggers, lies in our awareness and humility. One must first be willingly accept and acknowledge there is a behavior or pattern we would like to shift. That in itself can be a challenge, especially if/when the cause is not of our creation. Whether our ways are our own, inherited, or born out of a need to survive, they are ours to dismantle. When our willingness to face discomfort, outweighs our desire to be comfortable, the healing begins.

Do not discount your pain, your disease or your discomfort. It is letting you know where to heal. The people in your life who “pain” you the most, are doing the same.

Aries: Patience has been the lesson for a while now. Things are shifting, albeit slowly, and won’t feel so stagnant soon. In the meantime, there is a little more behind-the-scenes dust that needs settling. As we work our way to the new moon, try spending more time doing less. There are feelings you need to sort through in order to begin again.

Taurus: A lot has been happening beneath the surface, and it’s about to become tangible. Give yourself space to take a step back even further this week. Sagittarius season will bring a lot more movement. Knowing your values and desires will only make the ride smoother.

Gemini: Something requires more depth and your urge to avoid this and runaway abounds. Notice it without merging. “Good enough” won’t suffice, and time, space, or money won’t solve this issue. It is deeper than that, and so is the solution. Sagittarius season offers you much-needed perspective, are you willing to learn something new?

Cancer: Scorpio season has done a number on your love life and/or creative aspirations. This week it comes together into something you can make sense of. Something you can learn from. As the pressure starts to come off, remember what comfort feels like. Things move on their own, don’t rush it.

Leo: The change of events in your life is not within your control. There is no planning, power plays or strategy. While you wait for things to come together, rest and focus on feeling better. What are some independent and non-material ways you can connect with pleasure? Do More of that.

Virgo: If you’ve been feeling all over the place for the last month, take the week to observe what each one of those places has taught you. You’re close to having it all, but the disconnect prevails. There is no forcing or seducing life into submission, that is what it does to you. Be honest, compromise more and most of all, be present.

Libra: The truth is, you’ve lost touch with reality. Somewhere between planning and observing, you forgot to launch. Instead of hiding, laugh. Have compassion for this part of your journey. There is perfection in the imperfection of it all. Sagittarius season reminds you of this. Don’t let life pass you by again. Be human.

Scorpio: If allowing things to be as they are, and unfold on their own time is an art, you are a master. Although not everything needs to be put into words, sometimes it helps. Share more. Your wisdoms, your experiences, your victories and failures. Sagittarius season reminds you of the value in all of them.

Sagittarius: Take this week to design your ideal reality. Not just the fun parts, but the logistics and the hard parts. Once you have your blueprint, it will be easier to figure out the steps needed to get there. Some issues you’ve had may be solved by crunching numbers, fact-checking, and working out the equations yourself. The awareness arrives with your season. Notice where you’re most stubborn.

Capricorn: Some big wins come to you as you learn to admit defeat. Will you recognize them though, if they come in the form of a feeling? How do you put a value on that which is non-physical? These are the questions being posed. Start by observing, your predisposition to take charge isn’t helpful right now. Instead, take the next month to wonder. The answers come only when you’re ready.

Aquarius: The external world is filled with too many unknown variables for you to spend any more time looking out there for solutions. Everything you seek is already inside you. A played out phrase, but it’s a truth worth realizing over and over again. Forget the world this week, remember how it feels to be the center of your own universe.

Pisces: Conflicts resolve before your eyes as you release the false sense of responsibility over others. Your greatest service is being, not saving.

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