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Volume 2, 9/26-10/3

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Last week we turned a big corner, this week provides us with the space to digest what that means. Life has been so demanding, we may not have had much room for our feelings. Our goals are starting to come to fruition, and as the reality of it sinks in, the emotions surface. Beginnings and endings come as a pair, something we are learning to embrace. Whatever unsavory feelings present themselves, become our inspiration and motivation as the week comes to a close. The focus this week is to stay present and not force our movement forward. If it’s not flowing, there is a reason. It’s not up to you to figure it out, but it is up to you to go with it.


Aries: This week may feel especially challenging for you, rise to meet it. This is the final push before all the different directions you’re pulled in reach a state of harmony. Relationships stay in the forefront, continue opening up to them. Open communication doesn’t threaten your independence, it supports it.

Taurus: Big changes are happening in your work life which require you to be open to change, and your urge is to resist. Don’t. You are the lush, stable energy you seek. Take chances, trust the ground will stay beneath your feet.

Gemini:This period of high energy and demand is here for you to work with until March. Pace yourself as you lean into the areas of life where growth is required. Your relationships are being transformed, and it can’t be fought. Remain open and focused. Work through your emotions physically.

Cancer: Practice patience. Some areas of your life are waiting for the dust to settle between you and others. This process cant be rushed. Instead of focusing on what’s not working, shift your focus onto what is. Most of these changes aren’t as permanent or rigid as they feel, but you must commit to them for the time being. Constructive distractions are your friend.

Leo: Buckle down for one more week, and you’ll find your self in a space of ease, on a clear path forward with some much needed breathing room. Embody the energy you wish to feel around you. People need to see you shine to stay inspired. You bring the sun.

Virgo: Once all this change isn’t so new, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture. Until then, take time to acknowledge your feelings. As much as you’d like to proceed purely on logic, if your heart isn’t aligned, you’ll keep hitting the same wall. Your practical nature becomes a poison if you don’t start acknowledging the energy at play. It’s not just about crossing things off the list, let your feelings set the pace.

Libra: Sunday’s new moon upgraded your sense of self. It may surprise even you how much clearer and decisive have become. This week will test your commitment to this new version of you. When life tries you, don’t stress. You’re not moving backwards, you’re going deeper. Those are the moments you need you the most. What nourishes you? Make that more of a priority. If you can’t remember, start there. Take a moment to recall the last time you truly felt like yourself, and see where it takes you.

Scorpio: Your sharp sense of discernment is a super power that gets turned against you when misused. These realizations have been looming over you for a while now, and you keep refusing to acknowledge them. If you’re feeling stuck it’s for a reason, slow down. The time is now to face what you’ve been running from. It starts internally, and will ripple out from there. The right amount of vulnerability makes you relatable, not weak.

Sagittarius: Big changes with work and home are being initiated by your relationships. Be grateful, not fickle. Although it seems chaotic, it’s leading you right back to you! You’ve been weighed down by daily tasks and responsibilities for so long, you’ve forgotten how to have fun. These radical shifts are needed to break you free. It starts with accepting help and creating more free time in your daily routine. Things grow according to the room you give them. If you want to start something new, create space.

Capricorn: You’re beginning to see the discrepancies between your goals and your actions. Observe those around you to learn more about this thing we call flow. Setting and achieving goals is just part of the formula for success. Satisfaction is found when we take time to appreciate the journey. In theory you know this, but are you applying it? Your work right now is creating a better balance between knowledge and experience.

Aquarius: It's not that you’re completely changing direction as much as you’re realizing how much you’ve outgrown. You’re previous goals seem small compared to the potential you feel now. Letting go of your need to know exactly where you’re going is a game changer. As old issues resurface, approach them with this new mindset. As you relax your way back to the present moment, you’ll find the necessary steps forward present themselves naturally. When you find yourself in your head, distract your self with things that bring you joy.

Pisces: Reconciling your ethereal nature and the demands of reality has been quite challenging. As you continue to surrender to life’s natural rhythm, a way for both to coexist emerges almost effortlessly. You may notice your responsibilities actually create space for your magic to bloom. Push through any discomfort based in fear. Different doesn’t mean bad, and by next week, things will feel so much better. Almost there!

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