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Volume 1, 9/19-9/25, 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The week starts off on the emotional side. Strong feelings surface as cycles big & small close out. For now, we’re stuck somewhere between figuring out what we want, and how to get there. We have a couple of weeks & a handful of important conversations to work through before we’re able to make much progress. Patience is needed while the details get worked out. In the meantime, nourish parts of you that have been neglected. A better balance between self, home, relationships & work is being created, allow Sunday’s new moon in Libra to show you what needs your attention most.

Weekly Transits:

Tuesday Venus in Virgo Trines Uranus in Taurus: Changes. Greatness isn’t achieved over night, channel your energy into what is working, come back to the rest later.

Thursday Libra season begins/ Fall equinox: Over the next 30 days, focus more on things that inspire you. Create harmony between pleasure & responsibility.

Friday Mercury Rx conjunct sun in Libra: Finding clarity & creating balance

(missing pieces of the puzzle)

Friday Mercury Rx returns to Virgo: From now until October 10th, spend time tying up the loose ends that keep you up at night.

Saturday Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces: Creating equilibrium between our

dreams & reality.

Sunday New moon in Libra: When confronted with change, the choice is ours.

Love or war?

Horoscopes by sign

Aries: This week is meant to mold you. Less rushing full steam ahead, more patience & observation. The less you start, the more you finish. Focus on what is already in front of you.

Taurus: You’ve taken your time thinking things through, this week you begin making moves. Life is not about getting it right on the first try, but trying it in the first place.

Gemini: This new life doesn’t allow for the amount of overthinking you’re used to. It’s not a bad thing, you’re learning to trust your instincts. Find new ways to engage the mind.

Cancer: After a summer of deep review, necessary adjustments are being made. Your intuition has gotten you this far, don’t shy away from it now.

Leo: Opportunities come in for you to apply what you’ve been learning. Leadership is strongest when our values are embodied, not just enforced. Focus on self-improvement & gratitude.

Virgo: Eyes closed, allow your other senses to lead the way. It’s a week of realizations. The ease you desire is yours if you’re willing to have faith.

Libra: The spotlight shifts onto you this week. In order to avoid stage fright, stay focused. Meet distractions with enforced boundaries and a plan. How do you come back to you?

Scorpio: Speaking your mind comes more easily than you’d like. A little more vulnerability is needed for you to grow. Be honest about how you feel & what you want, regardless of the outcome. Especially with others.

Sagittarius: Those around you have much constructive criticism to offer, as do you. What is needed from you, are all things you excel at: Open communication, learning & adaptation. Be yourself. Not who you were, who you think they want, or who they’ve made you out to be.

Capricorn: Big changes, but for you it’s not as radical as it sounds. These major life shifts have been simmering for a while now. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself. Working harder ≠ more. It’s about the energy.

Aquarius: Your effort, compassion & awareness will pay off soon. In the meantime, exercise patience & give yourself some of the love you so willingly pour into everyone around you. Fill your own cup.

Pisces: Your ability to feel the vibes, & perceive connections between all parts of life becomes more of a blessing as you learn to trust it. Unburden your self from the need to “make sense”. Live in a way that works for you.

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