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Volume 4, October 12th-19th

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Greetings beautiful beings,

This week will be a mix of a busy schedule and heavy emotions. The bubble of how we wish things were is burst, and we find ourselves catapulted into reality. It's a dance between presence and reflection. Take time this week to mull it all over. This weekend our emotions hit, what are they saying? Identify and acknowledge them without judgement where you can, and when you can’t, ask yourself why? Next week starts off brighter as we revisit the same big themes with a new perspective. The best part of all these rapid changes is that nothing stays the same for long. Surrender to the flow.


Aries: Your routines and habits are in the spotlight, especially those involving others. It may be time to look at this habit of doing too much, and committing too little. You’re investing your energy in so many directions, it’s keeping you stuck. Meanwhile, the people and situations that matter most are being forgotten. Is that what you truly want? Make the necessary adjustments.

Taurus: Feelings of disappointment arise, both with yourself and others. The way things are no longer works, and more pro-active approach is required. Your comfort zone is holding you back. What does your heart want? Don’t overthink it - go for it.

Gemini: There is a lot bubbling under the surface and if you don’t acknowledge it soon, it’ll come out on its own. Stop running from your feelings, and be brave enough to share them. Use the weekend to connect with what’s lurking in your subconscious.

Cancer: There is a war going on inside of you, and it won’t be over for a while. The rest of this week gives you some clues as to where the disconnect is coming from. Pay attention. A mix of alone time and talking it through with a close friend would serve you well. Don’t close yourself off.

Leo: The most fundamental parts of your life are under construction, and you’re feeling it. Over the week expect to feel pulled apart, scattered and gooey. It’s okay to not always know where you’re going. Things come together on their own the more you acknowledge what’s getting in the way. To find your next step, first find your heart. This weekend it wants to come out, let it.

Virgo: You may feel you know exactly what you want, and what to do, but more time is needed. This week may expose your most stubborn tendencies, especially when it comes to getting what you want. Ultimately, nothing in life is guaranteed, can you work with that? You’ll be focused on balancing your heart and mind through March. Don’t expect yourself to figure it out overnight. It’s a marathon, not race.

Libra: You’ve been dealing with some heavy stuff, and this week wants to know if you can put that aside for a moment. Not to avoid it, but to give yourself a break. Things don’t flow when you feel this stressed out. You’re over due for some R&R, and its your season after all. Spend quality time alone, and avoid overindulging in emotional spending if you can. Both materially and energetically. Self care as a way of life.

Scorpio: You’ve been looking in the wrong direction for the solutions. As much as it hurts, it’s okay to be wrong. This week, your friends offer support if you let them. Come up for air, share your experiences and hear about other’s adventures. You’re in need of inspiration.

Sagittarius: This week you may feel a bit deflated, as everything that’s not working is put in your face. You’re great at not letting it get to you, but this time you’re meant to feel it and it can’t be rushed. Whatever makes you the most uncomfortable is where you need to start. Go within.

Capricorn: Your responsible nature turns to rigidity when unchecked. This week, your challenge is to do things for pleasure, not only purpose. Get messy, be creative, open your mind and your heart. More fun and spontaneity are needed in your daily routines. Your relationships and work-life are trying to show you how. Let go, if it falls apart it was meant to.

Aquarius: Life has been challenging and these issues aren’t eligible for a quick fix. Your go-to solutions of thinking it through and talking it out aren’t working... so now what? Pause. You aren’t responsible solving everyone’s problems, only your own. Work on finding ways to process emotions that don’t involve others or isolating completely. Movement, creative projects and nature will bring balance. The mind is not your friend at the moment, Be like water.

Pisces: Until you are able to put yourself first, it may feel as though everything is being taken from you. There’s a younger version of you who has something important to tell you, this weekend is the perfect time to get reacquainted. What you’re being asked to look at is both evolutionary, and extremely tender. When you hit a wall, circle back to the present. The better you feel, the smoother the ride. Frustration only slows you down.

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