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Volume 5: October 21st - 26th, 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Greetings beautiful beings, Welcome to another week of facing yourself. This week’s challenges involve hard talks, unsavory conclusions, and loneliness. It gives way to something better, but the way there isn’t easy. Any imbalances Libra season exposed are hopefully coming into harmony, although it may not look like you pictured. Our ability to recognize obstacles, specifically the ones we put in our own way, has been upgraded. With that clarity comes truths we can’t un-see. If you’re feeling unsure of where to go from here, you’re not alone. Ease through the discomfort, and give yourself room to breathe. There is a greater sense of stability emerging from within, and it deserves to be celebrated. You’ve worked so hard, don’t get discouraged now. Sunday, the Sun and Venus move into scorpio while Saturn stations direct after a five month retrograde cycle- aka the vibe changes rather abruptly. Tuesday’s partial solar eclipse/new moon in scorpio will emphasize this, and initiate an intense two week period of deep change and release. How do you handle things when they don’t go your way? What are you hanging onto?

Do you need to be doing well to be happy? Do you need to be happy to be doing well?

Aries: As things come undone, figuring out what’s next seems impossible, but you don’t have to know. Presence is what you’ll need most as you ride the next few weeks out. Let things come together on their own, and have faith that you’ll know what to do each step of the way.

Taurus: The parts of yourself you’ve been most disconnected from are showing, and it’s so uncomfortable. That’s okay, but shifting the blame is not. Is there a common thread in what people have been saying about you? Maybe it’s time to listen. Personal blindspots are real.

Gemini: It’s time for some major adjustments, and you don’t have much say in the matter. It’s been building to this for a while, and you’ve avoided it long enough. There is so much peace in the surrender. Bunker down.

Cancer: This stalemate is no fun, and your frustration is coming out in toxic ways. When you are the ocean, it’s not sink or swim, it’s both. Scorpio season will shine a light on what’s sinking, and what dwells on the sea floor. Think about simplifying your life to create space for whatever arises.

Leo: Your focus is being shifted from home to work, and there isn’t much room to breathe in between. You’ve done a lot of growing, but so much has changed, it might be hard to tell. Don’t force anything, take a step back for the rest of the week. Observe.

Virgo: You’re learning a lot about yourself, and you’re about to uncover a lot more. Focus on slowing down the pace, by slowing down your mind. You don’t have to fill every blank space.

Libra: Responsibilities you’ve been avoiding start to catch up with you. Largely, your responsibility to self. It’s time lay low, and usher out your season out gently. The change you seek starts from within, they’ll wait. More solitude would be helpful.

Scorpio: The last few days of Libra season may have a few hidden gems left for you. These realizations help bump you back on track. Scorpio season will be all about personal transformation, and once you get your bearings I think you’ll really dig it. Lay low, everyone’s snippy and you don’t need to get caught up in it.

Sagittarius: Much needed changes seem to be stuck behind an invisible wall, just out of reach. Scorpio season will show you what’s required of you to knock it down. The choice is yours, are you willing to do the work? Get your game face on.

Capricorn: You’re vetting you’re social circles, and examining how you spend your time. It’s time for you to craft a new vision. Relax, dream, plan, and create. The road ahead is bumpy, but the clearer the goals become the less you’ll get lead astray. Your time is precious, don’t let others waste it.

Aquarius: You’re learning to love all over again, and it is perhaps, a much slower process than you would like. While focusing on yourself this much won’t be easy, it is the only place to start. While your world may feel turned upside-down, it’ll soon become second nature. It’s giving me- Stella Luna discovering she is a bat, not a bird -vibes.

Pisces: Let yourself be. The more you sink into your ethereal nature, the more it is realized. Scorpio season reminds you that you are always in the right place at the right time. You are just the muse humanity needs right now. You don’t have to do anything extra, just be you.

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