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Volume 3, October 4th-11th, 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Greetings beautiful beings,

This week we walk through the gates of understanding into our new reality. Concepts we’ve been struggling to grasp are now implemented with relative ease, and progress follows. Work hard, Rest often, snack frequently and indulge in life’s luxuries as needed. Balance reigns in this new world. Keep pushing yourself to both take chances and quit while you’re ahead. An essential part of attracting what you want is clearing obstacles from your path.

The first part of the week is for identifying challenges, the second half is for addressing them. Issues with trust and communication are at the forefront. Move slow, check in with yourself often. What are you feeling? How does that motivate you? Saturday Pluto stations direct, removing the largest obstacles out of our way. Sunday’s full moon in Aries is the cosmic green light we’ve been waiting for. Over the next seven days, prioritize celebrating your progress. The work will never be done.

Aries: Your previous aversion to patience and stability dissolve as you learn to slow down. Doesn’t it feel good to rest? Minimize distractions and spend time getting to know yourself again.

Taurus: This week brings your attention to things you’ve forgotten. Whether they’re parts of you, responsibilities or relationships, it’s worth revisiting. Sometimes you get so focused on one thing, it holds you back. Don’t be afraid to apologize, a little understanding, and effort go a long way. Communicate.

Gemini: While everyone around you is learning to live in the now, you’re being asked to look ahead. If you never invest the time to chart a course, it’s hard to get where you want to go. Take a moment this week to map out what you want. To work is one thing, to work towards something is another.

Cancer: Your next mission is to practice loving with authenticity and boundaries. Are there parts of yourself you’re still learning to love? Are there boundaries you’ve let slip? As you make these corrections internally, they’re reflected externally. Half the work, twice the rewards - welcome to the future.

Leo: We are all being pushed out of our comfort zones, and for you this means letting someone else take the lead. It’s not permanent, but it is necessary. Your relationship with external validation needs some healing. Be grateful, it’s easier to do this work in the dressing room than center stage.

Virgo: This week teaches you the value of space and time, by showing you the ways in which you abuse it. Your urge to hold tight is confronted by the need to let go. It’s a bumpy ride, let your feelings set the pace. Relax! Trust more.

Libra: Libra, this week you may realize things about yourself you’d rather not. Feel it, and keep it moving. We all have room to grow. If you feel embarrassed, just remember - they loved you before, and they still do! Can you love you? That is the real question. Acceptance.

Scorpio: Out of the comfort zone you go! For you this involves a lot more vulnerability and stillness. The assignment is to leave things alone when they aren’t flowing. Be flexible, maybe things can not go your way and still turn out fine. Radical.

Sagittarius: You’re so hard working, resilient and independent that that you’ve dug yourself a hole with no way out. Doing everything yourself is not sustainable, and asking for help only works if you’re willing to receive it. Somewhere between caring too much and not at all you’ll find your flow. Figure out what matters most, and let go of the rest.

Capricorn: After a long period of desiring change, things start to move. Expect any discrepancies between what you practice and what you preach to be highlighted. Approach any criticism with an open mind. Changing the world is overwhelming, changing your reality is doable, one moment at a time. Active participation is required, not just direction.

Aquarius: This week an unsettled vibe sends you to the depths of your soul. There is no where to hide, you must sit with yourself. What comes up are the things that stand between you and the human experience. You have a heart for others, but what about when it comes to you?

Pisces: Pisces, this week you finally see the bigger picture, and it is a lot to take in. What you thought were a series of small decisions have compounded into a total life overall. It’s been a long time coming, but the realization still hits hard. As we build to the full moon, give your self space to grieve. It’s not that the change is bad, but it comes at a cost, and that deserves to be acknowledged. Then we party.

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